April 21, 2006

All-in-One Tuika Gestures (English)

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What's this?
This extension adds several gestures to All-in-One Gestures.
So if you use this extention, you must install All-in-One Gestures.
'Tuika' is Japanese written in Roman letters. And it means 'additional'.
Works with
Firefox 1.5-1.6.*
All-in-One Tuika gestures 0.1.10
Additional Gestures
Open/Close bbs2chreader
Needs bbs2chreader
Open/Close Foxage2ch
Needs Foxage2ch
Open/Close Sage Sidebar
Needs Sage
Lunch DOM Inspector
Open/Close Bookmarks SidebarOpen/Close All-In-One Sidebar
Needs All-In-One Sidebar
Open/Close Sidebar Mix
NeedsSidebar Mix
Close All Right side Tabs
Close All Left Side TabsClose a Right side Tab
Close a Left Side TabPageZoom Zoom-in
Needs PageZoom
PageZoom Zoom-out
Needs PageZoom
PageZoom Zoom-reset
Needs PageZoom
CutSelect All
DeleteOpen/Close Fire Bug Console
Needs Fire Bug
Open/Close Del.icio.us Bookmarks
Copy URL and Title
Needs copyURL+
Copy URL and Selected Text
Needs copyURL+
Copy URL, Title and Selected Text
Needs copyURL+
Open/Close ScrapBook
Needs ScrapBook
Open/Close Adblock Plus SideBar
Needs Adblock Plus
Close All TabsFreeze Tab
Needs Tab Mix Plus
Protect Tab
Needs Tab Mix Plus
Lock Tab
Needs Tab Mix Plus

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