June 03, 2006

Firefox 拡張:Drag de Go 0.1.2

簡単な説明がFirefox拡張:Drag de Go についてにあります。


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Posted by Funa at 2006-06-04 14:51
Great extension, a lot better than Super Drag and Go! Thanks.

But there is three small problems with it: first the tooltip delay time don't work (if I increase the tooltip disappear); second, I can't alter the font type of the tooltip; third, I can't find this great extension neither in addons.mozilla or in extensionsmirror.nl (with a english changelog).
Posted by brasileiro at 2006-06-06 23:00

this extension is still in the process of production.
So I didn`t register it to addons.mozilla.
And thanks for reports.

Posted by yukichi at 2006-06-07 19:01
Thanks for your reply.

I find another small bug: unlike SDG I can't drag a text link to open the adress in a tab.

Posted by brasileiro at 2006-06-08 23:48
This extension is good~
Please copy all function of GreenBrowser's mouse drag in it.

The GreenBrowser's mouse drag is the BEST!!
The Homepage:www.morequick.com
Posted by lym at 2006-06-09 02:12

Win Xp or Mac OSX with Japanese environment, I can`t find the bugs you reported.
What is your platform and language environment?
This extension is designed to apply link gesture, if the selected text is recognized as URL.

Thanks for good reference.

Posted by yukichi at 2006-06-09 03:45
Gerado em: Thu Jun 08 2006 17:18:04 GMT-0300 (BRT)
Agente: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; pt-BR; rv: Gecko/20060508 Firefox/
Build ID: 2006050817

With SDAG i can drag the morequick text link above and make it open in a tab, but with DDG no, the tooltip only shows 'Do Nothing'.

Posted by brasileiro at 2006-06-09 05:20
Drag and Drop APIs in Firefox for Linux have many problems. (I found 284 bugs in Bugzilla.)
DDG use this API`s functioin more than SDAG, so I might not be able to fix all the bugs you have reported.

At least I will try to...
Posted by yukichi at 2006-06-10 05:05
Ok, I understand...

Posted by brasileiro at 2006-06-10 07:45
Thank you~

I capture the screensnap to you~
h ttp://fapomatic.com/show.php?loc=23&f=drag.jpg

"Drag de go" is good~Please make it better~
Posted by lym at 2006-06-10 16:08
i do really hope author can bring bck the confirmation dialog which exist in Super Drag And Go 改造版 0.2.4x27 for "Save Extension in Specified Folder" and "save image in Specified Folder", because sometimes i accidentally drag it, and there is no notice to let me cancel it~
Posted by kooops at 2006-06-10 17:21
OK, I will ~.
Posted by yukichi at 2006-06-10 18:34

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